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VDO C-COM GSM integrates weather forecasts into electronic route planning at sea

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Up-to-date ocean weather data for maritime navigation: VDO C-COM GSM integrates weather forecasts into electronic route planning at sea

Frankfurt, July 01, 2002

VDO is launching an absolute world innovation for sailing yachts and sports boats on the market: as of now the up-to-date weather can be included in the cal-culations when undertaking electronically supported route planning on the high seas. This is made possible by the VDO C-COM GSM module which is used to call up customised and very detailed forecasts from a specialised provider on wind speed, wind direction and wave height along the route. These data records flow directly into the display of the MAP 7 and MAP 11 series VDO chart plotters, thus supporting the skipper in selecting the optimum course.

Anyone planning their course with the MAP 7 or MAP 11 series chart plotters will in fu-ture receive even better help from VDO – the first company in the world to provide such support – in deciding on and planning their route in sports shipping with online weather via VDO C-COM GSM. One or two pushes of the button are all that is needed for the system to download an up-to-date weather forecast to the plotter from the provider's server. The map display subsequently shows clear symbols with wind strength and direction or wave height along the current or planned route. The maritime weather forecast automatically concentrates on the area which the sailing yacht or sports boat will pass through in the next six hours. However, changing the coordinates in settings affects the forecast area, thus making it possible to change route selection or check in advance what weather can be expected in the further distant destination port. In addition, there is an adjustable alarm function which warns the skipper in advance of heavy seas or strong winds. Thus the trip can be safely planned to avoid areas where there are storms or high seas and the crew can be prepared for new situations in good time..

The weather forecast via VDO C-COM GSM offers skippers a number of concrete advantages in comparison to current forecasting systems: they are not dependent on forecasts broadcast only at specific intervals on maritime radio nor do they need specialist meteorological knowledge to interpret other weather maps. Neither is it necessary to coordinate manually the weather, course and sea data on the map table. On the VDO chart plotter the forecast can be updated at any time and displayed in simple and clear symbols. Furthermore, there is currently no comparable system which allows weather forecasts to be focused in such a detailed manner on a small target area. Instead of the forecast for the whole of the Mediterranean, for example, via VDO C-COM the skipper only receives the data for his route in the Adriatic.


The weather data for this most modern form of maritime navigation is provided for a small fee in a subscription procedure by the well-known meteorological company Now-casting International. The servers of the Irish specialist provider supply updated forecasts around the clock, 365 days of the year. Tanker shipping lines, drilling platforms and commercial shipping also rely on them. Currently these maritime weather experts provide competent forecasts for all regions in the North Sea and the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Mexico. The east coast of the USA, the Azores and the Caribbean are also in preparation.


Reader enquiries/end customers please use contact information below, quoting „VDO C-COM GSM“ Siemens VDO Trading GmbH


About Siemens VDO

Siemens VDO Automotive is one of the world's leading suppliers of electronics, electrics and mechatronics to the automotive industry. In the 2001 business year (30.9.), Siemens VDO Automotive gener-ated sales of EUR 5.7 billion with 45,000 employees. The trading and aftermarket activities as well as all content software business for navigation systems are bundled within Siemens VDO Trading. With the product brands VDO, VDO Dayton and Siemens VDO, the company’s portfolio ranges from navigation, car multimedia and sophisticated car audio systems, vehicle spares such as fuel pumps to tachographs, fleet management systems, spare part service for end of production vehicles and special OEM series for industrial and marine applications. Siemens VDO Trading holds a leading position in the automotive af-termarket. The company has 1.500 employees and it is present in 80 countries and all relevant distribution channels.

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