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Diesel Repair Service

Boost your business!

The worldwide first high-pressure diesel injection system with piezo injectors was the forerunner of the current Continental Common Rail Diesel System. Common Rail Diesel Injection Systems consist of the following main components: high-pressure pump, piezo injectors, rail, lines and engine control unit.

The high-pressure pump continually delivers diesel fuel into the rail under pressure; the rail supplies fuel to the piezo injectors through the lines. The engine unit controls the piezo injectors to ensure that the right amount of diesel fuel is injected into the cylinders at the right point in time.
The piezo actuator allows extremely short switching times for precise control and stability of smallest injection quantities possible. This means that the injector provides multiple injections with an outstanding repeatability.

Today’s diesel vehicles feature high-tech components like our common rail diesel systems that make tough demands during development and on service staff.

Through our Diesel Repair Service Partners we are now setting a new benchmark for repair work: workshops benefit from rapid availability of cost-effective common rail diesel components, thereby enhancing their service competence and delivering greater customer satisfaction.

Common rail diesel systems – more service, more customers

Our Diesel Repair Service (DRS) Partners are specialized in common rail diesel systems, providing information, support and genuine brand replacement parts. Our specialists (DRS) can also diagnose and repair high-pressure pumps as well as injectors. So you can offer your customers attractive savings compared to an expensive new unit. This presents an important opportunity to expand your service offering and cater for several leading additional car makers: Amongst others Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo, Ford Renault, Toyota, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan und VW.

Diesel Repair Service Partners - your specialists for common rail diesel systems

Our Diesel Repair Service Partners have test equipment and data that ensures swift identification of system faults and use genuine brand replacement parts to effect repairs.


  • Genuine brand replacement parts available for common rail diesel systems
  • Repair of high-pressure pumps and injectors by trained technicians
  • Gain new business by catering for a wider range of vehicles

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