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Accident Data Recorder - UDS

The UDS accident data logger effectively records accidents and critical driving events. Within the vehicle, a series of high-precision sensors are used to measure longitude and lateral acceleration. Vehicle speed, including use of brakes, indicators and lights are recorded, on the basis of over 10 status inputs.


  • Records the use of flashing lights and sirens on emergency vehicles
  • Recalls an event by simply pressing the UDS button
  • Intelligently manages remaining memory
  • Precise UDS data, valid as evidence in court
  • Independent statistic memory for a total of 600 entries
  • Stores parking impacts with ignition shut-off
  • 12 main memories
  • data is stored 28 seconds before and 15 seconds following the event
  • Three different kind of readout software available

For reading out you have 3 different kinds of software available:

  • UDShow: readout of events and statistical data for fleet managers
  • UDService: readout, parameterization and functional test of the UDS for installation partners
  • UDScience: readout and extensive analysis of data for experts and accidents assessors


The exclusive distribution right inside Euope is subject of Kienzle Argo GmbH 

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Walter Gerlach

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