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VDO Battery

START-STOP. Opposites attract.

This is why we have combined these irreconcilable opposites in two outstanding START-STOP batteries. Both, AGM and EFB battery technology, give modern vehicles unsurpassed power and durability. With a cycle stability up to three times that of conventional batteries they guarantee an added boost to your sales figures. Developed for vehicles with a basic START-STOP-System, the EFB batteries have a two times better cycle durability in comparison to conventional batteries. Designed for technically sophisticated cars with a modern START-STOP systems including regenerative braking.

Pure Energie – coated in silver.


The vehicles we deal with have constantly developed throughout the past years. Yet, VDO remains to always be there for help!

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High-Tech – designed in black.


The long-lived and maintenance-free AGM battery with absorbent glass fleece (or “mat”) is the perfect solution for all START-STOP vehicles.

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