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Garages, tire service centers and retailers must already start preparing for the fact that the growing number of vehicles with direct TPM Systems will increase the time required for tire service operations. TPM sensors applicable in several different vehicles can reduce stock keeping, complexity and logistics.

Our solution: The versatile VDO REDI-Sensor

Special consideration when fitting tires and wheels with valve-based sensors
If the customer’s vehicle is equipped with a direct TPMS, the specialist must work carefully when fitting tires. This is because the sensor, which is fixed to the valve, can easily be damaged if the work is not performed correctly. That is why VDO recommends using only installation equipment and other aids that have also been certified for use when fitting UHP and run-flat tires. After installing new sensors, it is necessary to educate them to the system. This operation should be performed according to the relevant automotive manufacturer’s instructions.

Fitters must take considerable care when exchanging valve-based sensors. This is because excessive force can irreparably damage the valve stem or the sensor. After the hex nut has been unscrewed, the sensor can be removed from the rim. When a sensor is removed, all the service parts must be replaced. These parts include the hex nut, all the sealing elements, the valve core and the valve cap. VDO also strongly recommends checking the service parts when a wheel or tire is changed and replacing them if necessary. However, only the parts present in the corresponding service kit should be used. If conventional valve cores or metal valve caps are used, this can very quickly result in an corrosion between the components. In addition, technicians should observe the torque specifications from the manufacturer to avoid insufficient or excessive hex nuts and other threaded components on the sensors.

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