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Omitec OmiScan

Omitec OmiScan

Omitec OmiScan

Omitec OmiScan


The Omitec OmiScan and the VDO ContiSys Scan have the same construction! Marketing of the Omitec OmiScan also continued in Germany until the end of 2012.

A few years ago, Omitec Ltd. transferred the marketing rights for the Autodiagnos brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Continental. As Continental took Omitec Ltd. over in 2012, all the previous brands including Autodiagnos, Omitec and Crypton became the property of Continental.

Both service and the development of software updates were, of course, continued. 

Software Updates / Register your tool

Please contact for software updates


VDO item number Description
A2C59513461 ContiSys Scan - KIT
A2C59513478  ContiSys Scan - UPDATE PLUS
A2C59513469  ContiSys Scan - BMW Interface Cable
A2C59513475   ContiSys Scan - EOBD Cable
A2C59513479  ContiSys Scan - FIAT Interface Cable
A2C59513462 ContiSys Scan - FORD Interface Cable
A2C59513464 ContiSys Scan - LAND ROVER ABS Cable
A2C59513463 ContiSys Scan - LAND ROVER Interface Cable
A2C59513471 ContiSys Scan - MB SPRINTER Interface Cable
A2C59513473  ContiSys Scan - MERCEDES Interface Cable
A2C59513467 ContiSys Scan - OPEL 10PIN Interface Cable
A2C59513470 ContiSys Scan - PSA 2PIN Interface Cable
A2C59513700 ContiSys Scan - PSA 30 to 35 Pin Cable
A2C59513468 ContiSys Scan - RENAULT Interface Cable
A2C59513465 ContiSys Scan - ROVER Interface Cable
A2C59513472 ContiSys Scan - VAG 2PIN Interface Cable
A2C59513466 ContiSys Scan - VW LT 35 Interface Cable
A2C59514024 ContiSys Scan - CARTRIDGE English
A2C59513701 ContiSys Scan - EU POWER Supply
A2C59514540 ContiSys Scan - Honda 3_5 PIN Cable
A2C59513577 ContiSys Scan - BATTERY Cable 12V


Computer Software

Download: OmiScan Cartridge Manager 

Download: OmiScan Snapshot Reader

Firmware Update

Please select the following option to download the latest 'international' application updates. These applications can be used worldwide within this product and have no territorial restrictions. Note: Further application updates that contain OE data for use within the EU region only are now available for the BMW/Mini & Opel/Vauxhall brands. Please contact our support team for further information.
Application Updates: November 2017

Download: OmiScan Applications (All languages, 131 MB)



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Product support hotline: +44 (0) 870 949 3606 (International)
(The cost of calls to the ContiSys telephone hotline is dependent on your telephone service provider.)


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