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VDO TPMS Pro: quickly read out, checked and programmed.

VDO TPMS Pro: quickly read out, checked and programmed.

VDO TPMS Pro: quickly read out, checked and programmed.

  • Monitoring and programming of universal TPMS sensors (Alligator, HUF IntelliSens, Schrader EZ-sensor, T-Pro)
  • Read-out and deletion of errors in TPM systems
  • Comprehensive database with items of information like replacement part numbers and torques
  • Printouts of all relevant data
  • Includes 1 year‘s software updates


The VDO TPMS Pro is a high-performance, compact and universal testing and programming device for tire pressure measuring sensors (TPMS) from a large number of vehicle manufacturers. Equipped with the latest scanning technology, sensors are very rapidly read out, checked and where necessary re-coded.

Thanks to icon-based navigation on the high-resolution 4.3 inch color display, scrolling through several menus and functions is very easy, enabling the user to work efficiently. This is why the VDO TPMS Pro is ideally adapted to the needs of the engineers.

TPMS sensors can be checked without any problem using the VDO TPMS Pro. In addition, the battery status, the temperature and the tire pressure of the respective TPMS sensor (and more besides) can be displayed.

An extensive database is integrated into the VDO TPMS Pro and contains much information on the TPMS sensors, such as spare part numbers or torques – and that both ensures the quality of their work and makes that work much easier.

Using the VDO TPMS Pro, universal sensors of various manufacturers can be programmed. A choice between the functions "Create" and "Copy" can be made here.The newly programmed TPMS sensors can, depending on the vehicle model, be imported into the TPMS control unit and taught via the OBDII link. Furthermore, errors in TPMS systems can be read out and deleted via the OBDII interface. With the integrated barcode reader, the VDO TPMS Pro is well prepared for future functions.

Software Updates / Register your tool

1. Download and Install the VDO WebTPM Software

2. Registration and Software-Update
After installation please enter your contact details.

3. Update Plus (12-month optional update service)
If required, get the ContiSys Update Plus (order A2C59506953).
The enclosed brochure contains detailed information regarding the procedure.



VDO TPMS Pro Print

The VDO TPMS Pro Print transmits the relevant data via an infrared link to the printer integrated into the Doc Station. That allows printouts to be made quickly and easily. The Doc Station is available as an optional accessory for the VDO TPMS Pro too.

The purchase price for VDO TPMS Pro and VDO TPMS Pro Print already includes software updates for the first year. After that you can subscribe to annual updates.


  • Innovative 4.3" color display
  • Clearly laid-out menu
  • Learning of OEMs, Universal TPMS sensors using OBDll interface
  • Display of sensor information
  • Display of vehicle information
  • Display of actual values from read-out sensors
  • Data transmission via USB, WIFI and SD card
  • Multilingual
  • Integrated help
  • Barcode scanner
  • Infrared link for printer
  • Reading and deletion of TPMS error codes
  • Programming of Universal TPMS sensors
    • Alligator
    • HUF IntelliSens
    • Schrader EZ sensor
    • T-Pro

Package contents: VDO TPMS Pro handheld unit

  • OBDII cable
  • USB data cable
  • ChargerQuick-start instructions



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