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VDO Remote Download for more efficient downloading and archiving of tachograph data

Hanover/Germany, September 23, 2008

With new products from Continental, managing digital tachograph (DTCO) data is now mere child’s play. At the 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, the market leader in systems for recording commercial vehicle driving and rest periods is debuting the Remote Download option for the revised VDO DTCO 1381 digital tachograph. The fleet manager can now call up mass memory and driver card data right from the office, regardless of whether the truck is parked somewhere on the company’s premises or is on the road in Romania or the North Cape. A so-called Remote Download device (VDO DLD®) makes this possible by establishing a wireless bridge between the vehicle and the office. But the new DTCO allows not only for intelligent data transfer via short-range wireless or mobile communications connectivity. It also optimizes conventional downloading and data printouts. The new tachograph generation as well as the accompanying Remote Download devices will go on sale already this fall.

Both drivers and companies profit from the Remote Download option. Not having to keep download cycles in mind, drivers can again devote full attention to the job they are mainly intended to do. Fleet managers, for their part, will have direct access to all data, regardless of where the vehicles are. Gone are then the days when they had to continually remind drivers to see to the downloads demanded by law or themselves climb up into each of the fleet’s cabs for the pre-weekend downloading of data. Instead, they can now take care of everything comfortably and reliably from their desk. What is more, the company card for the DTCO always remains safe and sound at the office. Regardless of whether it’s a matter of long-range haulage, bus fleets or regional distribution, the Remote Download function is the first to make possible fully automated monitoring of compliance with statutory duties. To this end the VDO system provides fleet managers effective support in the form of a so-called reminder list.

Irrespective of the distance, downloading data is now very easy. Once the handy download device is installed in the vehicle, fleet managers can access the data from mass memories and driver cards every time the trucks make a stop. As soon as the download device is hooked up to the parked vehicle’s tachograph and initialized, the company card at the office is automatically authorized online in the DTCO via the VDO DLD. Drivers themselves are no longer required to carry a company card of their own. The data is then transmitted to the DLD for forwarding to the office. To preclude any misuse of the data, speed up transmission and lower mobile communications fees, all information from the DTCO is automatically encoded and compressed for secure transmission to headquarters, where it is archived as demanded by law.

There are two tailor-made VDO transmission solutions, depending on the intended use. For longer distances the market leader offers the so-called DLD Wide Range. It works with the area wide GSM GPRS mobile communications network and allows for virtually worldwide downloads via mobile Internet connectivity. If the data is to be read out solely at the company premises, the DLD Short Range is sufficient. It is equipped with WiFi connectivity for distances of up to 300 meters.

The latest-generation VDO DTCO 1381, which is likewise being presented at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, provides the basis for use of Remote Download. Alongside the data transfer technology, it offers a number of other improvements that match up well with a more powerful processor and more efficient thermal printer. Speed profile and driver activity tracking diagrams can now also be printed out, analogous to earlier diagram charts. A fast-download function transfers information from the mass memory at a rate four times faster that in the past. Seven-day speed documentation is available for public transportation company drivers. The selection of operating languages has been expanded to include Romanian and Bulgarian. The DTCO thus covers 23 languages and is fit for use throughout the EU member countries.

The VDO system does not merely do an excellent job in getting DTCO data onto the fleet manager’s computer. With data management programs like TIS Web, VDO provides its customers much more than just the support required for compliance with statutory archiving requirements.

The data management solutions also assist for data analysis and thus pave the way to intelligent fleet management. This greatly simplifies work time accounts, maintenance schedules, consumption analysis and the issuing of invoices.


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