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Improved VDO software packages for archiving and analyzing tachograph data

Hanover/Germany, September 23, 2008

New products from Continental will make archiving and analyzing tachograph data even easier in the future. One example of this is the advanced version of its VDO TIS-Web data management tool, which the company is debuting at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2008 in Hanover. For small-fleet applications the company also offers the VDO TIS Compact II and a practical VDO TIS Compact Portable Set. With these innovative solutions, optimally tailored to the needs and size of fleets, the market leader in recording vehicle data as well as driving and rest periods provides drivers and fleet managers support in complying with laws mandating the archiving of tachograph data. At the same time it enables them to effectively manage their fleets.

Ever since the digital tachograph (DTCO) was introduced, fleet owners and managers have been hard put to avoid computerizing their businesses. To comply with statutory requirements, they have to regularly read out information from electronic tachographs. This data must then be stored for longer periods of time. As pioneer of this technology, VDO was already able to accompany the initial launch of the digital tachograph with a whole range of software solutions that relieve companies of the bothersome task of archiving. But the solutions are good for much more. They also offer an equally uncomplicated and economical starter system for data analysis and fleet management. With just a few mouse clicks, fleet managers and their schedulers obtain a perfect overview of their vehicles and their runs. Maintenance timetables, working time accounts, issuing of invoices and operating costs can all be optimized with the help of tachograph data.

There are various systems depending on fleet size and fleet organization – the Internet-based TIS-Web solution, for instance, or the TIS-Compact II introductory package. These are subject to ongoing advanced development. One example of upgraded technology, the completely overhauled VDO TIS-Web 3, was just launched in conjunction with the Automechanika trade show. It is more user-friendly in operation and significantly simplifies work sequences. What is more, programmers have broken the software down into three segments. Under “Download” data can easily and transparently be imported from tachographs and traditional diagram charts. Under “Archiving” the data is controlled, saved and checked for integrity. The computer automatically issues an alert in the event that the system registers missing entries. The reengineered graphics interface ensures extremely clear presentation of the data, with much improved visualization by means of the mouse-over function. What is more, automated alerts make for easier activation. Under “Reports”, fleet managers find easy-to-use analysis instruments to improve cost-efficiency and streamline time-management. TIS-Web 3 offers a wide range of possibilities for enhancing fleet efficiency that go beyond what is required by law. In combination with the digital tachograph’s Remote Download function, a completely harmonized system is now being offered that automatically carries out legally required downloads and archiving while at the same time helping to cut fleet costs.

Those already using TIS-Web all enjoy automatic access to the current software at no additional charge.

The most important accessory for all VDO data management systems is the Downloadkey for extremely easy read-out of tachograph data. Its capacity has now been greatly expanded and its operation made more user friendly.

The VDO TIS-Compact entry-level solution has likewise been completely overhauled. It makes transferring data as easy as transferring digital photos from the camera to the computer. In future, a new memory with 16 times the capacity (256 MB) and four times the PC-import speed is available for data transfers. The data archiving software is integrated directly onto the TIS-Compact II key. With this key, data can be copied onto the computer as if from an USB stick and archived. No wiring is required – either in the vehicle or in the office. An integrated SD card slot in the TIS Compact II key makes it possible to create a backup copy of the data on a mini SD card. Here as well VDO demonstrates customer-friendly pricing. The base price remains the same, despite the fact that the system has been much improved.

A mobile chip card reader is, moreover, available as TIS-Compact add-on. In this case, the system runs under the TIS-Compact Portable Set name. It allows the driver, for instance, to download driver card data even for longer hauls of more than 28 days.


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