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Professional driving logs: New installation kit brings DTCO to commercial vans and SUVs

Digital tachographs are not just an issue for truckers - in many cases, the driving data of vans and SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) also have to be logged. The new DTCO installation kit from VDO is the perfect solution for this requirement - with service backup even after installation.

Frankfurt, Germany, October 13, 2009.

Mercedes M-Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW X5, VW Transporter and Ford Transit when used commercially, these vehicles also quickly fall under the authority of the EU directive on digital tachographs which requires the logging of driving times and rest periods. This is why VDO, the company that invented the tachograph, has now made it possible to easily install the DTCO with a new pulse generator in passenger cars. Along with this tried-and-tested device from the world market leader, the tools required to archive and analyze the digital tachograph data and the competent service network of DTCO specialists are also available to commercial vehicle users.

The rules for buses and trucks are very clear. In accordance with EU Directives EC561/2006 and EEC 3821/85, vehicles with a permissible gross weight of over 3.5 tons or with more than 9 seats (including driver seat) are required to be fitted with a tachograph when used commercially. However, a great number of smaller vehicles can also fall under the authority of the 2006 directive. This is because commercially used vehicles from category M1 (vehicles for passenger transport with a maximum of 9 seats) or N1 (vehicles for goods transport with a permissible gross weight of up to 3.5 tons) are required to be fitted with a tachograph when their permissible gross weight exceeds 3.5 tons because a trailer hitch has been fitted. Irrespective of whether the vehicle in question is a people carrier or cross-country vehicle - a DTCO then has to be retrofitted.

In the past, retrofitting was difficult because the DTCO was primarily developed for heavy commercial vehicles. However, world market leader VDO has now introduced an installation kit with M1/N1 adapter which makes use of a legally-certified pulse adapter to install the tried and tested DTCO 1381 in the on-board electrical system of any vehicle. Digital tachographs were introduced by the European Union to reduce susceptibility to tampering. The devices are the size of a car radio and are personalized with a driver card. They archive the vehicle speed, driving times and rest periods in a mass storage device, which can subsequently be read out using the memory chip on the card of the driver or a company manager. The DTCO 1381 is also equipped with a thermal printer, which can be used to generate driving logs on location.

Vehicles with tachographs are also subject to rules regarding the archiving of DTCO information, which is why VDO has developed a professional data handling system that makes life easier for those new to this technology. With the special VDO Download Key, the data from the DTCO can be read out very easily and stored for several months. The web-based archiving and evaluation service VDO TIS-Web is recommended for backing up data in the long term. This ensures that the information from the DTCO data is collected in its entirety and regularly reminds vehicle owners to carry out downloads - thus helping them to comply with the legal requirements. In addition, TIS-Web provides a simple and cost-efficient introduction to data analysis and fleet management, which can be used to optimize operating costs and improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

Along with hardware and software, VDO also provides comprehensive service for all of your DTCO-related requirements. Drivers of vans and cross-country vehicles have access to an extensive network of over 7000 partners throughout Europe, which have been officially certified to perform servicing and calibration of the DTCO as well the test which is required every two years.



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