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VDO improves Tachograph data analysis and archiving with DTCO: TIS-Compact and TIS-Web 3.2

The revised download tool for tachograph data, TIS-Compact, makes it easier for small companies to enter the digital world. With TIS-Web 3.2 VDO makes archiving and evaluation of digital tachograph information even simpler.

Villingen, 29th June 2010. Since the digital tachograph (dtco) was introduced, it's hard to imagine a fleet manager's office without a computer, because the data now has to be archived electronically. To make it as easy as possible for companies to comply with their legal obligations and help them at the same time to enhance the efficiency of the fleet, market leader VDO has built up a wide-ranging infrastructure around DTCO.

A range of downloading solutions are available for all fleet sizes allowing tachograph data to be downloaded to a computer. Once the DTCO information is on the computer, VDO makes made-to-measure software tools available for recording and analyzing the electronic DTCO logs. There is an internet-based solution TIS-Web. And as a lean solution for small operators and newcomers to DTCO, VDO offers the innovative TIS-Compact.

Ideal for beginners

For smaller operators TIS-Compact makes data handling as easy as managing music files on an MP3 player: Simply connect the VDO TIS-Compact III key on the front download interface on the tachograph, all the data will download and will be temporarily stored on a high capacity chip. Even if you don't transfer the data to the computer in your office – this transfer is just as simple as the download – the intelligent VDO data key has sufficient capacity for some 4000 downloads, which can be retrieved at any time by means of the integrated software and presented during an inspection.

The data archiving software is directly integrated in the TIS-Compact III key. With the aid of this data key, the data can be transferred to a computer and stored there, like a USB stick.   No wiring is required for this purpose, either in the vehicle or in the office. Additionally, an SD card slot integrated in the VDO TIS-Compact III key a simple backup copy of your data on a mini SD card.

More efficiency through the internet: VDO improves handling of DTCO data with TIS‑Web 3.2

Since more and more haulage contractors see their duty to archive all driver and vehicle data as an opportunity to get into electronic fleet management, and have recognized that this gives improved fleet efficiency, market leader VDO now is offering the companies an even better set of tools for that purpose: internet-based data handling on the servers of VDO are now available with the thoroughly revised and enhanced software TIS-Web 3.2.

Data Analysis and Archiving On the Internet – VDO TIS-Web

Compliance with legal obligations is not the only reason why operators should save digital tachograph and driver card data. It is just one small step from pure archiving to intelligent evaluation. Once the fleet operator has filed the data in a computer he can evaluate it with TIS-Web and optimize his operating procedures, cut costs and appreciably simplify other routine tasks like payroll accounting or maintenance planning. One possibility is to optimize driving personnel scheduling utilizing the permissible remaining driving time and rest periods per week, as determined from the regular downloading of data. This can greatly improve the efficiency of staff deployment in the fleet. TIS-Web has recently added a violation module which shows whether drivers have exceeded or remained under the permitted times.

The VDO TIS-Web services package has established itself a universal tool for all fleet sizes. All relevant data can be archived via internet link on specially secured VDO servers and analyzed with intelligent software.

VDO has thoroughly revised this program, which can be used both for digital and analogue tachograph data and is now releasing version 3.2. Additional, improved reporting functions have been added to it; fleet managers can now can monitor fixed times, easily assign single trips without driver card to the proper driver. These improvements simplify data handling and save above time. VDO have also improved the evaluation functions. Many reports have been supplemented with easily understood diagrams for a quicker overview, and a PDF generator allows the sending of individual reports via email in future.

To make use of the new functions of TIS-Web, fleet managers and operators don't have to do a thing: the software is automatically updated with the latest legislation keeping you legally compliant at all times.



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