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Automechanika 2010: VDO brings new DTCO test bench for smaller workshops

As further element of the extensive service program the CTC II Roller Set Compact now is being launched

Villingen-Schwenningen/Germany, 18.August 2010. VDO is continuously expanding the range of services for digital tachograph DTCO service providers. And so the market leader now introduces another roller test bench as new system module for the worldwide partner network. The CTC II Roller Set Compact enables even smaller workshops with fewer inspections to calibrate digital and analog tachographs reliably and easily.

Practical, well-priced, unique

Up until now, workshops handling tachographs have had to calibrate and inspect them on large, permanently installed, more expensive roller dynamometers, or use brake test benches for the purpose, or do this work on an open-air test course, exposed to the elements. The new VDO roller dynamometer opens up completely new opportunities to them for the first time. Since the compact roller set is installed in just half an hour and is less costly than a big test bench, even smaller workshops with fewer regular customers can offer professional, uncomplicated tachograph service with it: they save on investment in expensive equipment and can do their work despite ice, rain or snow or an occupied parking lot. In addition, they can forget about expensive excavation and concrete work for installation, because the entire prefabricated roller set is simply set up on the shop floor and only requires electric and compressed air connections. And yet the functions of the VDO roller set are the same as those of a large test bench: all jobs on digital and analog tachographs also can be performed on the Roller Set Compact.

Drive it on, let it roll, finished

The test bench is needed during the calibration and inspection of tachographs to determine the vehicle characteristic coefficient. These w-figures are the basis for all further recordings of the data recorder and consequently are ascertained electronically by the VDO testing devices in an exactly specified procedure. It's the easiest thing in the world for the inspecting shop: the shop employee merely has to drive the vehicle onto the roller set so that its drive axle rests on it, accelerate to a constant speed, and then start measuring with the CTC II handheld tester. The control unit is wirelessly linked with the roller set and requires only a cable for connection to the tachograph. During the test run it automatically determines the wheel circumference and the w-figure. With the same tools the shop staff also can test the automatic road speed limiter prescribed for commercial vehicles. For this reason VDO has designed the roller set for speeds up to 110 km/h.

In contrast to previous test methods the compact roller set from VDO has a number of tangible advantages: compared with the test on a 20-meter-long test course, a service operation saves space, above all, and can perform the work regardless of weather factors and the influence of traffic. And compared with tachograph testing on brake test stands, the partner shops not only regain their original capacity, but above all a great deal of time. Calibration is completed far more quickly since the VDO CTC II Roller Set Compact permits a ten to twenty times higher speed. Moreover, no second person is needed to determine the wheel circumference on the road. With Roller Set Compact the tester can do that himself.

The new product follows the VDO philosophy of a complete product and service offering for everything having to do with the digital tachograph. As the market leader sees it, that includes not only practical and efficient solutions for data download, and software or services for archiving and analyzing DTCO information – but also a comprehensive program for tachograph servicing shops, from test bench to diagnostic tester.



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