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TIS Track&Trace: New Application for Increasing Fleet Efficiency

With its new TIS Track&Trace product, VDO has further expanded its range of fleet management solutions, allowing fleet managers to further optimize the efficiency of their fleet.

Villingen-Schwenningen/Germany, 16, March 2011. TIS Track&Trace is the latest module from VDO for modern and intelligent fleet management. With this additional application, TIS Web customers can localize their vehicles and evaluate the latest driver and trip data at any time. To use the new function, customers require TIS Web access and a VDO Remote Download Device (DLD®) of the Wide Range version installed in their vehicles.

Using the "Track" function, it is possible to show the current position of every vehicle in the fleet on a map. This allows the fleet manager to optimize the deployment of his/her vehicles in real time. With the "Trace" function, the fleet manager can display the route traveled by each vehicle on a map and produce an individual trip archive. These two functions allow fleet operators to administer their fleets more efficiently and thus more cost-effectively.

The new application displays the desired section of the map graphically within the TIS Web software on the monitor of the fleet manager. As an additional service, the TIS Track&Trace application can also be displayed on mobile devices from Apple. The associated "Apps" are available for download in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With this mobile access functionality, VDO is able to offer TIS Web customers improved flexibility when using the application and an additional service for increasing fleet efficiency.



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