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DTCO 1.4: New release features attractive functions for drivers and fleet operators

A new EU regulation has increased the efficiency of fleet operations and made digital tachographs easier to operate. At the same time VDO has launched a special campaign called “Go for efficiency” with attractive package deals for users who want to upgrade their equipment or switch to new systems.

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, May 10, 2011. “Every minute counts.” This sums up the function now included in the new DTCO 1.4, which takes into account the so-called 1-minute rule in recently adopted EU regulations. In the latest release, the activity which takes up the greatest part of any given minute determines whether that minute is counted as working time or resting time. This allows drivers to save valuable driving time in situations when the vehicle moves only for a few seconds and otherwise stands still. Important examples are delivery traffic, traffic jams and waiting lines for customs clearance. The result is improved work performance and a stronger company balance sheet. In addition, the DTCO 1.4 considerably simplifies manual entry of driving and resting times.

VDO, the market leader in devices for recording driving times and rest periods, is now delivering Release 1.4 of its DTCO 1381. For its customers this means yet another increase in the efficiency of fleet operations. At the same time VDO is taking the requirements in the new EU Regulation 1266/2009 into account. Thus five years after its introduction, the digital tachograph has been modified in accordance with changed guidelines for minute-by-minute recording of driving times. The new release also simplifies tachograph operation. To make switching to the latest technology easier for existing and new customers, VDO has launched a special campaign for Release 1.4 called “Go for efficiency”.

The unit has a modern display which can show additional pictograms and symbols to make operation easier for the driver. In addition, the DTCO is more international: the menu, which had 23 languages up to now, now offers six more, including Turkish, Russian and Croatian. VDO’s updated DTCO not only takes the new legal requirements into account, it also has improved testing and diagnosis functions. This makes regular service faster and easier.

Like all VDO tachographs, the DTCO 1381 Rel. 1.4 offers customers added value and a practical infrastructure. It has a number of functions that go far beyond what is required by law, making it easy for customers to change to more efficient fleet management. For example, the latest DTCO offers fast data retrieval and a remote download option by means of which tachograph data can automatically be transmitted via WLAN over short distances, for example on company premises, or worldwide via the mobile telephone network. In addition, the DTCO’s integrated thermal printer gives an overview of all tachograph data. Speed is displayed similarly to how it used to be on circular tachograph disks. The DTCO also warns when it is time to read out driver cards, keeps track of service intervals and records other data for the driver. For example, it can register changes between driving time and rest periods via the ignition system, relieving the driver of having to do this manually. Thus there is no risk of the driver forgetting this task by mistake and reducing his remaining driving time.

With the introduction of this new tachograph generation VDO has launched a special “Go for efficiency” campaign. The campaign, which encourages customers to switch to the new technology, features attractive package deals which include a practical download device and optional access to the Internet-based TIS Track & Trace analysis software. "Go for efficiency" is addressed to both new and existing customers, whether they intend to replace their analog or digital tachograph. Customers who take their statutory tachograph test, which is required every two years, and who use this opportunity to switch to the DTCO 1381 1.4 in one of the almost 10,000 VDO partner workshops in Europe can take advantage of this special offer if they act before December 31, 2011. Their reward will be a big improvement in fleet efficiency. The campaign "Go for efficiency" runs throughout the entire year 2011.



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