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Three innovations for greater fleet efficiency

The VDO marketing campaign “Go for efficiency” puts the focus on Release 1.4 of the digital tachograph and features special offers, including the new TIS Track&Trace software.

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, May 10, 2011. VDO has launched its “Go for efficiency” marketing campaign to promote its digital tachograph. The campaign, which offers attractive package solutions, makes it easy for both new and existing customers to switch to the latest technology. At the focus is the latest generation of the digital tachograph, Release 1.4. This product takes current EU regulations and requirements into account, including the so-called 1-minute rule. According to this rule, the activity which takes up the greatest part of any recorded minute determines whether that minute is counted as working time or resting time. This change, which transport companies have long been calling for, can substantially increase the amount of available driving time. The DTCO 1.4 also offers a number of other significant improvements, such as simplified manual entry of driving and resting times.

The second element of the “Go for efficiency“ campaign is a practical Download Device (DLD) for fleet operators and vehicle owners, offered in a special package with Release 1.4 of the DTCO. The DLD permits almost fully automatic data management for fleet operations in compliance with statutory obligations. It transmits tachograph data to company headquarters for archiving, via WLAN over short distances (DLD Short Range), for example on company premises, or worldwide via the mobile telephone network (DLD Wide Range). Time-consuming manual memory read-outs and filling out of driver cards and company cards are thus no longer necessary.

The third element of “Go for efficiency” is the market launch of TIS Track&Trace, an additional TIS Web function. With this new function TIS Web customers can locate their vehicles and evaluate the latest driver and trip data at any time. TIS Track&Trace displays the desired section of the map on the dispatcher’s PC monitor. The dispatcher can also run this application on an Apple iPhone or iPad. This permits mobile fleet control, which is ideal for small and medium-sized operations.

VDO’s new products and services are thus a one-stop solution for customers who want to enter the world of electronic fleet management. The DTCO Release 1.4 reliably records all driving and rest periods, and DLDs quickly transmit this information to the main office. TIS Track&Trace rounds off the TIS Web portfolio. The TIS Internet platform allows fleet managers to control and analyze their fleets on a worldwide scale without using special software and expensive data management systems. All relevant data are stored on secure servers.

"Go for efficiency" is addressed to both new and existing customers, whether they intend to replace their analog or digital tachograph. Customers who take their statutory tachograph test, which is required every two years, and who use this opportunity to switch to the DTCO 1381 1.4 in one of the almost 10,000 VDO partner workshops in Europe can save money in two ways if they act before December 31, 2011. First, they will have no extra expense for installation time, assembly and downtime because they have to remove their existing tachographs anyway. Second, their new digital tachographs will save them valuable driving and resting time from the very first minute of use. That’s another important reason why “every minute counts”. The campaign "Go for efficiency" runs throughout the entire year 2011.



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