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DTCO 2.0: efficient, future-proof and part of future intelligent transport systems

  • Latest generation of the digital tachograph with integral 1-minute rule, simplified remote download and greater data security
  • Innovative VDO Counter guarantees full driver information

Villingen-Schwenningen/Germany, July, 11 2012. VDO is bringing the digital tachograph into line with current regulations and once again making it more efficient, convenient and secure in fleet management operations. Like the previous version, the DTCO 2.0 implements the “1-minute rule”; moreover, the new DTCO provides improved remote download of tachograph data. But that’s not all: With this new generation VDO complies with the latest security requirements of the European Union and makes the DTCO even more resistant to tampering. Yet the star feature of this new device in the cockpit of vans, buses and trucks will be the optional VDO Counter, which guarantees comprehensive driver information and will be available on the aftermarket this fall with version DTCO 2.0a.

VDO customers already benefited from the “1-minute rule” with the DTCO 1.4: The electronics are so programmed that the longest activity within a given minute determines whether the minute will be classified as driving time or resting time. Especially in short-range distribution work, in traffic jams, or standing in line waiting for customs clearance, when the vehicle often is moved only for a few seconds and otherwise stands still for a long time, the drivers can save valuable driving time thanks to this rule. It goes without saying that the function of the 1-minute rule also is incorporated in the DTCO 2.0.

Another new feature is the improved wireless remote download. In conjunction with the VDO Download Device (DLD) Wide Range, DTCO data can be transmitted from anywhere. In the past, however, the remote retrieval of data only was possible when the vehicle was in operation. As of DTCO 2.0, the fleet manager now can read out the memory even when the vehicle is stopped and include this up-to-date information in his planning. As soon as a signal is received from fleet headquarters, the DTCO automatically is activated by a “Wake Up” signal and download launched. The driver will not be required to interrupt his break or his sleep.

Parallel to these improvements, VDO has also implemented the latest data security requirements under EU legislation in the DTCO 2.0: Effective immediately, in addition to the speed signal, the tachograph uses a second, independent motion signal (IMS). This signal has been standardized for all manufacturers over the past few years and is now automatically matched with the speed data and checked for plausibility by the DTCO. This mapping feature provides further protection for tachographs against tampering. New, too, is the use of the new KITAS II+ speed sensor to comply with the new EU legal requirements. Thanks to its intelligent electronics, it detects and corrects external interference at the place where the KITAS speed sensor is installed, protecting the interface between the vehicle and signal transmitter from possible tampering.

The most important change to the DTCO 2.0 platform, affecting routine driving and fleet management operations, is the optional VDO Counter that will be available through the aftermarket as of fall 2012 in DTCO version 2.0a. This service program is an intelligent on-board computer that keeps the driver constantly posted about his current driving and rest periods, in much the same way as a personal assistant. During a trip, a glance at the DTCO display suffices to let the driver see how much driving time he still has, when the next rest period is due, and how long it should be. During the driver's break, the DTCO 2.0a shows the remaining resting time and the maximum driving time available after the rest. At another touch of the button, the driver can display all the information he needs for his current shift and – for example – see how much driving time he has for the rest of the day. The VDO Counter also provides clear information about the remaining weekly driving time. If so desired, the tachograph also shows the same information over more than one week.

With the VDO Counter, the DTCO affords both the driver and fleet manager with a quick and convenient overview of driving times and rest periods and assists them in their daily planning: Routes, driving hours and working hours can be managed even more efficiently with the VDO Counter, since the driver can request and view all the requisite information from his cockpit.

In addition to the optional VDO Counter, like all tachographs from VDO, the new DTCO offers integrated value added and, above all, an innovative infrastructure. This infrastructure includes a great many functions that extend far beyond those required by law and enables customers to make an uncomplicated first step on the way to more efficient fleet management. For instance, the latest DTCO also offers ultra-rapid data retrieval and a remote download option: With it, the tachograph data can be transmitted automatically and without any additional workload over short distances via a WLAN link, or worldwide via a mobile telephone link. The collected tachograph data forms the basis for the VDO fleet management systems TIS Web and DriveTime, with which fleet managers can organize their operations efficiently. VDO is a one-stop shop offering the complete chain of products that fleet managers need.

The first link in the product chain for efficient fleet management is the updated DTCO that still has the same proven functions as before alongside numerous new features. The integral thermal printer for quick printouts and the helpful service messages reminding users to read out the driver cards are some of the features that continue to be included in the DTCO.



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