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New to the VDO range: Oxygen sensors

An ideal supplement to the existing range of products for the independent repair market

Frankfurt/Main, 2 December 2009. VDO has added oxygen sensors to its range of aftermarket products. They are an ideal supplement to the existing range of VDO products for the independent repair market. Motor vehicle repair facilities are thus able to offer their customers a high-quality repair at competitive prices using spare parts from a familiar brand of the Continental Group.

Since the beginning of series production of three-way catalytic converters at the end of the 1980s, oxygen sensors have been an integral component of the engine management systems of gasoline engines. They determine the residual oxygen present in the exhaust gas and forward this value to the control unit in the form of an electrical signal. An active mixture control system operates together with the three-way catalytic converter to ensure that the vehicle complies with current emissions standards. Modern vehicles are today equipped with at least two oxygen sensors. Oxygen sensors are also increasingly being used on diesel engines.

Ageing and wear are unavoidable
“Oxygen sensors are exposed to high levels of stress. They are subjected to extreme temperatures, vibrations, changing gas mixtures and combustion residues,” says Benjamin Suchomel, Product Manager for Sensors at VDO. This results in an unavoidable wearing and ageing process. The consequences of defective oxygen sensors include an increase in fuel consumption of up to 15 percent, increased particulate emissions and deteriorating exhaust emission values resulting in failure of exhaust emissions inspections. They can also cause rough engine operation. For this reason, the experts from VDO recommend that oxygen sensors be checked regularly.

Satisfied customers thanks to high-quality spare parts
“Oxygen sensors from VDO enable motor vehicle repair facilities to offer their customers a professional, yet cost-efficient, repair with spare parts,” says Product Manager Benjamin Suchomel. VDO oxygen sensors meet high Original Equipment quality standards and, with over 100 item numbers, the product range covers all common vehicle models.

Oxygen sensors are an ideal supplement to the wide range of VDO products for engine management applications. In addition to various sensors such as mass airflow, wheel speed, camshaft, crankshaft, knock, pressure and temperature sensors, the range also includes fuel systems and engine actuators. This means that motor vehicle repair facilities have access to high-quality branded spare parts from VDO for almost all repair operations related to the engine management system. The high quality of VDO products ensures that the motor vehicle repair facility can provide customer satisfaction. In addition, they lower fuel consumption and improve road safety while also protecting the environment. Along with the high-quality products themselves, VDO also provides the trade and motor vehicle repair facilities with comprehensive support on all issues related to the marketing and installation of VDO spare parts.



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