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VDO extends product range for multi-brand diagnosis

The portfolio of VDO diagnostic products has grown with the new ContiSys Check.
Comprehensive updates for the ContiSys product family are also now available.

Frankfurt, 6. September 2011. With the new ContiSys Check, VDO has introduced its successor to the popular ContiSys OBD Professional service tool. The new device is compact, easy to use and, thanks to optional software updates, always up-to-date. At the time of the market launch, it initially offers the same functionality as the predecessor generation. However, thanks to its optimized hardware it is extremely well-prepared for future functionality. For example, soon it will be able to be extended with the optional TPMS frequency module. Additional functions will follow suit.

The software of the ContiSys Check is entirely based on the development of the ContiSys OBD Professional. As a result, newly developed applications will be available on both device platforms, where technically feasible. However, the new ContiSys Check with its larger memory, integrated multiplexer and CAN controller is a powerful piece of hardware, which ensures greater flexibility for future solutions.

New software for all platforms:

As of the fourth quarter, the new software version 6.0.0 will be available for ContiSys OBD, containing numerous improvements and providing even greater system coverage. Furthermore, new updates will also be released for both the ContiSys Scan with CDROM 2/2011 and for the ContiSys VCI with software version 2.0.6.



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