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VDO ContiSys Check TPMS: Direct readout of sensor data

The service tester ContiSys Check has been expanded with an optional TPMS function.

Frankfurt/Germany, 26 January 2012. With the ContiSys Check TPMS under the VDO brand Continental is putting a practical service tester on the market which, apart from the ContiSys Check basic functions such as FastCheck EOBD, Brake, Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG), Common Rail (CR)  injector coding or service reset, also can read out the sensor data of the TPMS via radio. In addition, the device provides service-relevant information for the replacement of wheel sensors, for example tightening torques and parts numbers. Tire pressure has a critical influence on fuel consumption and driving safety. In Europe, new vehicle models must soon be equipped with an accurate tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the safety hazard caused by low tire pressure. TPMS-Monitoring systems are now prescribed in the entire EU for new vehicle models from November 1, 2012 and for newly registered vehicles from November 1, 2014.

Radio frequency module communicates with wheel sensors

To assist automotive specialists in their work with these systems, Continental has now brought out a new version of its practical ContiSys Check service tester under its VDO brand. ContiSys Check TPMS has a radio frequency module for retrieving TPMS sensor data. Technicians can read out sensor data like pressure, temperature and battery status via a wireless link and save the information if necessary. In addition, the VDO ContiSys Check TPMS makes it possible to use the TPMS service functions via the OBD interface.

The VDO ContiSys Check TPMS is the same as the basic model except that it has additional software and a screw-on TPMS radio frequency module. The module contains a rechargeable battery block that permits up to two hours of continuous operation without connection to the vehicle’s electrical system. The basic model can be retrofitted with a radio frequency module if desired.

Fast, easy operation

The VDO ContiSys Check TPMS is simple and self-explanatory. After switching on the unit, the user selects “FastCheck TPMS” from the main menu, followed by “Sensor test”. The next step is to select the vehicle brand and model. The following functions are then available: “Read sensor data”, “Sensor information” and “Stored data”. “Sensor information” includes information on tightening torques for the valve and the cap nut as well as the part numbers for the service kit and the sensor itself.

Tire pressure monitoring systems will become an increasingly common sight in motor vehicle garages and tire service centers. Wheel sensors are powered by a built-in battery that is designed to last for about seven years. If the battery runs low, the entire wheel sensor must be replaced. As a rule, the status of the sensor battery cannot be queried via the OBD interface. With the ContiSys Check TPMS, however, garages can notify their customers if a low sensor battery is discovered during a tire change. In this way sensor failures and expensive replacement work between tire changes can be avoided.

The practical VDO ContiSys Check TPMS service tester is now available from wholesale suppliers. The package includes the unit itself, a handy carrying case, an EOBD cable, a USB cable, a 220 V power supply unit, a documentation CD and quick reference guide. Further information on service and diagnostic equipment in VDO’s ContiSys series can be found at



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