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Efficient testing and repair concept for common rail injectors

  • The VDO Diesel Repair Service concept makes an economical testing and repair solution possible for common rail injectors
  • VDO common rail injector repairs are performed by authorized partners with special tools, original replacement parts and up-to-the-minute know-how
  • Defined testing and repair process ensures high quality

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 19 June 2012. With the VDO Diesel Repair Service (DRS) system, Continental offers garages the opportunity to specialize in the repair of diesel engines. The offer comprises the training of personnel and the procurement of replacement parts in OEM quality. The concept now has been extended to the servicing of piezo injectors for common rail systems. These injectors afford extremely short and fast response times. Thus, even smallest fuel quantities can be injected precisely and in several sequences per power stroke. This is an important prerequisite for good power development, low fuel consumption, low pollutant emissions and low-noise combustion. Defective piezo injectors can lead to inefficient operation or even to complete failure of the common rail engine.

The common rail system has revolutionized the diesel engine and enables a high power yield combined with low pollutant emissions. Continental utilizes the experience gained from series production development of the world's first high-pressure injection system with piezo injectors, plus the latest know-how from the original equipping of current diesel cars. Continental common rail systems with piezo injectors are installed today in many vehicle models of renowned carmakers and find wide use. In the car aftermarket the piezo injectors and the repair solutions that go with them are offered under the VDO product label.

Repair solution to match a vehicle's current value – from the VDO Diesel Repair Service (DRS) partner

Common rail piezo injectors are very long-lived components. However, the high stresses in the combustion chamber and poor fuel quality, in combination with higher mileages, can lead to wear and malfunction, affecting mainly the nozzles. To enable car repair shops to offer their customers in such cases an economical repair solution appropriate to the vehicle's market value, VDO has extended its repair concept, which up to now has focused on common rail pumps, to include the piezo injectors. The concept provides for testing the injectors and renewing the injection nozzles. As first step, the program covers injector types fitted in vehicles of several Asian and European manufacturers. As the year goes on, further injector types will be included in the portfolio.

The repair of VDO common rail components is handled exclusively by the VDO Diesel Repair Service network. Starting immediately, DRS partners already authorized to repair high-pressure pumps and in possession of the necessary test stands and internal qualifications also can get themselves authorized to test and repair common rail injectors. Currently the VDO DRS network comprises 190 shops worldwide.

VDO offers individual special tools for professional common rail injector repair. They include, for example, a knuckle-joint press as well as special injector holders and adapters. For testing repaired common rail injectors VDO commissioned the development of special software for the Hartridge CRi-PC test stand. An authorized test stand is a basic requirement for proper common rail injector testing and repair.

High repair quality

For the repair of common rail injectors, an exactly prescribed sequence of operations must be observed in order to ensure quality. First, the delivered components must be subjected to a careful visual inspection and thoroughly cleaned. This is followed by another visual inspection and, if necessary, a test on the authorized injector test stand, in which the shop expert assesses the repairability of the injectors. If the result is positive, the nozzle set and tension nut are replaced with the aid of dedicated tools following a procedure specified by the manufacturer. Subsequently, based on numerous parameters the repaired common rail injectors are tested on the test stand with the special software. If all specifications are met, the common rail injectors can take up service in the vehicle again.

The scope of services provided by DRS makes it a reliable partner for diesel repairs for both independent and branded garages. An up-to-date overview of the shop network can be found at Interested shops also can visit the VDO website to obtain information and get in contact with the VDO DRS system.



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