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VDO ContiSys Scan II: Touchscreen and new functions for greater comfort

  • With the new ContiSys Scan II and an updated database, starting 2013 workshops will be able to carry out diagnostics tasks more conveniently than ever before.
  • Thanks to its expansion slot, the device is future-proof and open to new applications such as TPMS.

Frankfurt am Main, September 11, 2012. The new VDO ContiSys Scan II that is scheduled to come onto the market early next year will make diagnostics tasks even more convenient for workshops. The large touchscreen makes the device even more intuitive to use, in addition to which the user is guided by a multi-color screen design – another bonus for user comfort. Besides the touchscreen, the device features handy details such as rubberized grip areas, a steering wheel attachment and straps on both sides. These ensure that the diagnostics device can be held securely at all times, making it a great asset in workshop operations.

But not only the hardware has been enhanced: ContiSys Scan II also has access to an improved database covering even more vehicles than before. In future, it will be possible to carry out diagnostics on a multitude of different systems from more than 40 manufacturers. And since the database is accessed online, all the information required for troubleshooting will always be right up to date. The device also offers useful advice and tips that help identify the source of the problem and repair it faster.

Needless to say, the subject of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) – set to be a key future issue – was also taken into account when designing the device. Thanks to its expansion slot for future hardware modules, the ContiSys Scan II can be retrofitted with a TPMS module. Further information about the service and diagnostics devices from VDO in the ContiSys series can be found at



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