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Extended coverage: VDO expands its TPMS portfolio to cover the winter tire season

  • Time savings: The only preprogrammed premium sensor is ready for installation as of now
  • Reusable: The product can be quickly replaced in a simple operation
  • Extended coverage: Fourth VDO REDI sensor now covers other vehicle brands

Frankfurt, October 2, 2015. When customers are queuing in the sales area waiting for their winter tires to be fitted, every second on the vehicle lift counts. The increasing number of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) being fitted in passenger cars represents a further challenge for workshops. This year alone, some 1.6 million vehicles equipped with the corresponding sensors will be registered in Germany. Thanks to the VDO REDI sensors, workshop mechanics can save valuable time in their hectic schedules and are optimally equipped for TPMS service activities. These reusable, robust universal sensors are ready for immediate installation. And now VDO, a Continental product brand, has extended its TPMS portfolio to include a fourth sensor. The offer is rounded off by a toolkit to further enhance the service provided to workshops.

The VDO REDI sensors are supplied preprogrammed – a real first for the aftermarket. The workshop can install the sensor in exactly the same way as an original sensor and no vehicle-specific programming is required. This saves time, in particular when there is a seasonal rush. Installation is quick and easy. Unlike other products available on the market, the VDO REDI sensor is not attached to the valve in the wheel rim. Workshops can simply fix it to the inner surface of the tire using a special adhesive. This simplifies installation and protects the sensor better against mechanical damage during everyday operation. The sensor, which is the size of a small coin, is delivered in a ready-to-glue rubber container and the entire assembly weighs barely 12 grams. If the tire has to be replaced, it can be removed from the container glued to the inner tire surface and be fixed in place in the new tire. VDO supplies empty containers for just such situations. With its fourth sensor, VDO has further extended the number of vehicles it can cover. This unit can be installed in many more Opel, Renault, Dacia and Smart models.

And just as drivers are thinking of switching over to their winter tires, VDO has brought out a corresponding toolkit for TPMS service operations. The equipment it contains, such as the press-on tool and spreader, allow workshops to install and replace all REDI sensors quickly and easily. “With our comprehensive TPMS portfolio, we offer a unique, economical solution to streamline job handling in workshops,” explains Christoph Zinke, TPMS Product Manager Aftermarket at Continental. “It has been very well received in the European market.”

Multiple awards

Trade professionals are enthusiastic about VDO's innovative concept. Since its market launch in mid 2014, the REDI sensor has already received four awards. The most recent of these was conferred on it by the Equip Auto International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation. In mid October, it received the Gold Award in the Spare Parts & Aftermarket category at the French industry trade fair.



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