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Premium performance and design: The new AcquaLink high-end line from VDO

  • New product line combines design, functionality and ease of use
  • Multifunctional TFT displays enable intuitive use – even in sunlight
  • AcquaLink Nav Box automatically checks all nautical information for discrepancies

Rüthi/ Switzerland, 18 November 2014. AcquaLink is VDO’s new premium line of instrumentation for yachts and motor boats. In producing the instruments, the Continental brand has exclusively used premium materials, such as a mineral glass cover, that meet the very highest standards of quality and ensure ideal legibility. Every component in the extensive product range is state-of-the-art and supplies extremely precise nautical data at all times. Moreover, the timelessly elegant, yet modern designs of the displays and instruments in the AcquaLink series impart refreshing clarity to the cockpit on any yacht or motor boat.

TFT technology makes the difference

The core instrument in the AcquaLink line is a multifunctional TFT display. It is located in an aluminum housing and – like the satellite-based instruments – is fitted with a cover made of coated mineral glass. The full-color display comes in the sizes 4.3″ and 7″. Thanks to transflective layer technology, the optically bonded displays use the ambient light as an additional source of light, guaranteeing ideal legibility even in sunlight. The displays are connected to a new programmed data transmission line called the VDO Bus System. Up to five displays can be connected on each line, depending on the type of boat. The AcquaLink displays have direct video inputs for cameras and alternative monitoring systems, for example. Whereas a navigation controller unit is required with the 4.3″ display to enter data and operate the display, the 7″ displays are additionally equipped with capacitive multi-touch screens.

AcquaLink Nav Box: The all-embracing control Center

The information shown on the TFT displays is generated in the heart of the entire system, the AcquaLink Nav Box. It receives data from various channels, which is then analyzed in detail and checked for possible discrepancies. “The AcquaLink Nav Box is designed to carry out intelligent automated system diagnostics and guided troubleshooting,” said Martin Ebneter, Head of R&D, Marine Powersports Accessories. “That means VDO guarantees that all nautical information corresponds to the actual conditions before the user sees it.” The AcquaLink Nav Box thus acts as a CPU and signal interface, offering a large range of digital and analog input options. They include inputs from J1939 CAN, NMEA 2000, the VDO wind sensor and the SUMLOG paddle wheel. So that it can also handle the requirements traditional inputs, VDO has equipped the AcquaLink Nav Box with various freely programmable input/output able to process ohm, volt, frequency and ampere value. Data output to three separate VDO Bus lines enables flexible and simple routing to helmstands and chart tables.

AcquaLink Nav Control permits intuitive use

The VDO AcquaLink Nav Control is available to switch from one display to another on the TFT display. This is a remote controller that links up and communicates via the VDO Bus network, can be connected to multiple TFT displays and so enables them to be remotely controlled as well. “That’s especially useful for displays outside the user’s reach,” says Martin Ebneter.

AcquaLink: Security at all Levels

VDO guarantees with AcquaLink maximum security and reliability for every user. That not only applies to checking nautical data: The instruments have been awarded protection class IP67. That means they are dust-proof and can even be temporarily submersed under water without any impairment to their working order. In addition, all AcquaLink instruments are lead-free – and so meet the strict conditions that VDO sets itself in relation to environmental protection.



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