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As Easy as It Gets – the New Autodiagnos Check Service Unit


  • Streamlined efficiency – quick access to vehicle systems supports workshop service tasks like inspection, engine, brake systems, transmission and steering
  • Quick and easy menu navigation – just select the vehicle system and manufacturer and start the service right away
  • Easy to use – no detailed diagnostic knowledge necessary, thanks to independent control unit identification
  • Ideal for everyday use in any workshop – the unit covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers

Frankfurt, September 2016. The international technology company Continental is to showcase its new “VDO Autodiagnos Check” service unit for workshops at the Automechanika. The unit’s specialty is the simplification of everyday service applications. Continental’s aim was to reduce complexity to such an extent that the unit could be used by personnel who had neither product training nor diagnostics skills.

Many diagnostic units for pure service applications are often very complicated to use, simply because they are primarily designed for comprehensive troubleshooting and the user therefore has to know exactly which controller he needs for the task at hand. Continental offers an alternative with this new service unit. The practical concept of Autodiagnos Check is designed to provide the service sector with an absolute maximum of efficiency. This is all made possible by “Fast Checks”, a menu system that guides the user to service performance with just a few clicks, saving valuable service time – and workshops that do not primarily focus on diagnostics can also benefit greatly from the service side of their business, because Autodiagnos Check covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers.

Get straight into the service thanks to plug-and-play

Just like the plug-and-play principle from computer technology, Autodiagnos Check is ready to start its service tasks without all the usual unnecessary queries – and the FastCheck service functions are available for selection right after startup. In an easy-to-understand menu arrangement, they are clearly listed under vehicle systems like braking equipment, tire pressure monitoring systems, batteries and air conditioning. All the user has to do is select the vehicle manufacturer and the unit then finds the correct model year and the corresponding control unit. Users no longer need to know all the details about which function can be found in which control unit. The unit then guides the user through the service process step-by-step, following a basic FastCheck rule – the only information that is displayed is relevant to the task at hand. The user no longer has to go through lots of complicated selections – and this guarantees solid reliability in day-to-day workshop processes, so misuse is more or less impossible.

Simplicity ensures suitability in everyday use

Simplicity is the basic principle of Autodiagnos Check. The unit is as simple to use as an electronic screwdriver. It has no features which are irrelevant for pure service applications and would therefore complicate menu navigation, increasing the time needed to perform a service as a result. We have redefined the service concept with our Fast Check functions based on the plug-and-play concept – with only a few clicks, the user is guided directly to his task,” says Dominik Wrede, Product Manager Diagnostics & Services at Continental.

The Autodiagnos Check covers all the important workshop service applications such as resetting service intervals after an oil change or inspection, “teaching” starter batteries and engine components, regenerating diesel particle filters and reading out and deleting the error memories of the airbag and air conditioning systems. The Autodiagnos Check also opens, closes and calibrates the electric parking brake and enables the setting of xenon headlights and steering angle sensors. The unit is delivered in a practical toolbox.



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